Hitit Makina started its activities in the milling sector by the production of square screening machines, having a vital importance for the production of wheat flour, one of the most basic necessaries of human, in 1997.  Hitit Makina, which targeted to track and implement at its products the production standards, the latest technology and knowledge applied in the world milling sector, realized this target with its first export in 2001.


     It increased in 2007 its covered production area and machine park and set over to the production with CNC benches and continues rapidly with technological investments and innovations. Hitit Makina targeted to further increase the knowledge and experience it gained during this short time by the know-how transfer method, too, and started its first application regarding the production of rolling machines in 2007 by an agreement with a company active in Germany. After the production of the first prototype and the success of two years lasting performance evaluations in flour plant environment it started to be offered to the European market. It was able to get one of the most preferred brands in the German market in 2010.


    Our company, which produced square screening machines at the beginning, gained parallel to these developments as structure that performs complete facility, capacity increasing, post-production mounting, plant maintenances, spare parts supply and automation applications in the inland and abroad.


     All machines in the product range of Hitit Makina bear the CE certificate and the ISO 9000 quality certificate is obtained in order to increase the corporate quality of our company and aimed to provide more qualitative services to the milling sector with R&D, quality control, sales and post-sales services by this vision.


     Hitit Makina provides 3 years mechanic, 10 years spare part supply and 24 hours in situ service warranties for all its machines and equipments as a result of its confidence in its quality.


     As Hitit Makina, with the determination and glad to serve with reliable, economic and qualitative machines and equipments we produce for you, our precious millers, in the voyage of flour and flour products towards taste, and thank all our customers and the valuable members of our sector.